About Hidabroot Nezer cohen organization

Rabbi Zamir Cohen, Founder and Head of Hidabroot Organization

Rabbi Zamir Cohen was born in 1965 in the Bet Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem. His parents are Rabbi Eliezer and Shoshana Cohen. His brother Rabbi Zebedia Cohen serves as head of the Rabbinical Court of Tel Aviv. As a young man Rabbi Zamir learned in Yeshiva Porat Yosef until his marriage in 1989. After that he continued his studies in Kollel and was ordained as a Rabbi. At that time rabbi Zamir was the study partner of Rabbi David Lau who is the present Chief Rabbi of Israel.

After his marriage, rabbi Zamir lived in the Romema section of Jerusalem where he began to give classes to youth about Jewish faith and character development. This was besides his regular course of study in the Kollel Imrei David for training Rabbis and Judges under the auspices of Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Farbshtein (present Dean of the Hevron Yeshiva) and Rabbi Gidon Moshe (presently a Jerusalem chief judge). Besides the aforementioned Rabbi David Lau, Rabbi Zamir Cohen learned side by side with illustrious colleagues including: Rabbi Yaakov Farbshtein (presently Judge in the Court of Rabbi Karelitz in Bnei Brak), Rabbi Yaakov Cohen (presently Dean of Yeshiva Nezer Hatalmud), Rabbi Yechezkel Menat, (Head of Neve Yerushalayim) and others. Before hitting the age of 30 Rabbi Zamir Cohen was appointed head of the Kollel for training Rabbis and Judges in Betar Illith and was also appointed dean of Yeshiva Hechal Meir in Beitar Illith.

Parallel to this, Rabbi Zamir Cohen began lecturing to non-religious communities and published booklets on various outreach topics and books on Jewish Law. The closeness he had with the people who attended his lectures and became his followers brought him to open the Hidabroot Organization in 2002 which has since greatly expanded. Now it has a TV station which broadcasts lectures from Rabbi Zamir Cohen and other Rabbis, a website rich with Jewish programs, a kindness division, a division to help youth at risk, a dating website for people becoming religious and assistance in many other community needs.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen’s outlook on becoming religious is very clear: “If coming back with teshuva involves destroying good character traits and doing bad things, fighting, embarrassing others, being angry at family and friends, protests and rock throwing, I also join those opposed to doing Teshuva! But if it means improving character traits, improving deeds, sensitivity to others, kindness and volunteerism, learning G-d’s Torah and keeping His commandments, the I’m a devout follower of this!”